CSMS: Medicine's Strong Voice In Connecticut

Strength in numbers…

By joining together, people gain benefits greater than those available to them as individuals. As a group, their voice is stronger than when speaking alone.

Doctors of medicine, whose private philosophies, may vary widely, have found that, as a group, their common objectives as professionals can be achieved more effectively when working together. The whole, somehow, is greater than the sum of its parts.

The Connecticut State medical Society (CSMS) is an indispensable association of busy professionals combining their influence with that of colleagues near and far, speaking out with a clear and unified voice to inform the general public and be heard in the highest councils of government.

This voice does not always say what each and every individual wants it to say because there will always be healthy disagreement among those in vigorous, democratic organizations like the CSMS, the American Medical Association (AMA), and Connecticut’s county medical associations. But when the voice does speak, it reflects majority opinion. Its power is in the support of its members. It’s the only common voice the entire profession has.

It is unthinkable that physicians as a group should not exercise rightful leadership in the areas of their own expertise and training. And yet, we have seen forces within society which, if not effectively countered, dictate the circumstances of medical practice and even ration the amount and type of medical care available to patients.

There is too much at stake in the ever-changing, sophisticated world of medicine for physicians to do other than speak together with one, strong voice.