Representatives and Advisors

Representatives to Connecticut Advisory Council on School Health

One Delegate and One Alternate. Three year term to 2012.

John Santilli, M.D., Bridgeport (D) 2009-2012
Randolph Trowbridge, M.D., Danbury (A) 2009-2012

Delegates to Connecticut Public Health Association

One Delegate and One Alternate.

Sally R. Bergwerk, M.D., Wilton (D)
Constance T. Walker, M.D., W. Hartford (A)

Delegates to Connecticut Nutrition Council

One Delegate and One Alternate.

H. Robert Silverstein, M.D., Hartford (D)
Joseph Feuerstein, M.D., Greenwich (A)

Representative to Connecticut Cancer Coalition

Andrew L. Salner, M.D., Hartford

Delegates to Council of New England State Medical Societies

Appoint AMA Delegation. President is Chair.

President, Chair
AMA Delegation

Delegates to Special Societies

One delegate, to CHA, CPA, CSDA, CNA. Term is for one year as of Annual Meeting. Delegates named shall be either officers of the Society or Committee Chair or members who are knowledgeable of work of special societies to which they are Delegates.

To Connecticut Hospital Association: President, CSMS
To Connecticut Pharmacists Association: President, CSMS
To Connecticut State Dental Association: President, CSMS
To Connecticut Nurses Association: President, CSMS

Delegates to State Medical Societies

One Delegate and One Alternate Delegate. Delegates shall be or have been members of the Council within two years preceding their election. Term of office is for one year beginning July 1.

To Maine To Massachusetts To New Jersey
President (D) President (D) President (D)
President-Elect (A) President-Elect (A) President-Elect (A)
To New Hampshire To New York  
President (D) President (D)  
President-Elect (A) President-Elect (A)