CSMS Milestones

218 Years: 1792-2010

1792CSMS Charter and First Meeting: Middletown, CT
1793Physician Licensure Begun
1812Medical Institution of Yale College (Yale University School of Medicine)
1822Connecticut Retreat (Institute of Living)
1826First General Hospital of Connecticut (Yale-New Haven Hospital)
1841State Registry of Deaths and Their Causes
1847National Medical Convention Led by Dr. Jonathan Knight of CSMS Founds the AMA
1867Connecticut Valley Hospital (Middletown)
1878Connecticut State Board of Health
1892CSMS Centennial Celebration, New Haven
1893Connecticut Medical Practice Act
1935Connecticut Tumor Registry (World’s 1st Cancer Registry)
1936Connecticut Medicine (Journal of the CSMS)
1942CSMS Sesquicentennial Publication: The Heritage of Connecticut Medicine
1947Connecticut Medical Service (CMS-Blue Shield)
1949CSMS Headquarters Building (160 Saint Ronan Street, New Haven)
1973CSMS CME Accreditation of Hospitals
1974Connecticut SportsMed Newsletter
1983Connecticut Peer Review Organization (CPRO, now Qualidigm)
1984Connecticut Medical Insurance Co. (CMIC)
1985CSMS/HCMA Medicare Courtesy Card Program (Now ConnPACE)
1986CSMS-IPA/M.D. Health Plan
1988CSMS Charitable Trust
1988First CSMS Countersuit Pays $99,000 to CSMS Internist
1990First Pictorial Directory of CSMS Physicians
1991CSMS Health Awareness Campaign
1992CSMS Bicentennial Benefit
1993CSMS Workers’ Compensation Reform
1994CSMS Headquarters Building Renovation
1995CSMS Physicians’ Health and Education Fund
1997The M.D. Makes the Difference! CSMS PR Campaign
1999Aetna is Playing Doctor with Our Patients! CSMS Ad Campaign
2001CSMS Class Action Lawsuits begin against 7 HMOs
2002CSMS HIPAA Compliance Packets for Physicians
20031,800 Doctors march on the Capitol in CSMS “White Coat Rally”
2004Historic Aetna and Cigna Settlements of National Class Action covering 700,000 MDs
2005Four More Settlements Achieved: HealthNet, prudential, Anthem/Wellpoint
2006Matthew C. Katz succeeds Timothy B. Norbeck as CEO of CSMS
2007P.A. 07-103 Establishes HAVEN, a Confidential Assistance Program for Health Care Professionals
2008CSMS Publishes the Connecticut Physician Workforce Survey
2009CSMS Received $400,000 healthcare Disparities Grant from Connecticut Health Foundation
2010CSMS DVD: Care in Context: The Physician’s Role in Reducing Health Disparities